What types of wedding film packages do you offer?

We've 3 types of packages which we can tailor to suit your requirements. This includes a half day and full day option. We'd love to discuss this with you so get in touch and we can work out which package would suit you best!

How soon do we need to book Firetale?

Get in touch as soon as you start your wedding planning so we can secure your date in our calendar. We'd recommend booking at least 12 to 6 months in advance, however bookings on short notice may be possible. Ready to book? Get in touch with us now!

Do you film weddings outside of the Wellington region?

Yes – travel related costs will be finalised as part of your package. If you're wedding is in the Wellington cbd there is no extra travel costs.

How many videographers will be there on the day?

We film weddings with one videographer operating 2 HD cameras, there is the option of having two videographers as well.

How do the videographers work with the wedding photographer(s)?

We have worked with a wide range of photo experts and ensure that your professional photographer's work is unhindered to capture the best possible photos for you.

How does Firetale ensure that we get the best product?

We're passionate about telling your love story. In our initial meeting we'll ask you a few questions on your wedding details. Then during each step we'll keep in contact with you (pre-wedding, on the big day and post-wedding where we work our fairytale magic). We also provide a questionnaire that allows you to give us clear direction of what you want us to capture.

How do I receive the film?

The final film will sent as an online link via Vimeo or Dropbox (great for sharing with friends and family). There is also the option of a USB

Are the wedding speeches included?

It's up to you - full speeches will be included if you purchase the raw footage, we also film the whole wedding ceremony and can be viewed in the raw footage. 

How long before I get my film?

It can take upto 5 – 10 weeks after your wedding date but we promise the wait is worth it! This gives us ample time to dedicate to telling your love story and producing a film which you'll love watching in the years to come.

Do I get to check and make changes to my film before it is finalised?

Yes – we keep in contact and have you review the film before delivering the final product.

Can I purchase the raw "unedited" footage?

Yes – it can be added as an extra item to your package.

How much does it cost?

Our wedding film packages start from $2500 (Gst Incl) , for more details please get in touch.


If there is a questions you would like to ask that isn't shown above, please send us a message here.